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Fight Discriminatory Practices reserved for Non-Native English Teachers worldwide


Native Speakerism, Undone

A MUST-WATCH for all English Language Teachers!

  • Replays of the LIVE talk series with ELT professionals from all walks of life. You get to hear first-hand experiences of teachers around the globe who have faced discrimination, who have shifted their mindset, and who have come to understand why it is so important to speak up about Native Speakerism in English Language Teaching. 
  • Address Objections. Learn from English Language Teachers from all walks of life, who have been in your shoes and can help you navigate common objections within your own career as a teacher
  • Gain Practical Tools & Approaches so you can overcome obstacles in your daily life and career by learning to build confidence, navigate micro-aggressions, and advance your career on your own terms.
  • A Deeper Understanding, so you can gain the knowledge and skill needed to confidently call out malpractice in the ELT industry for more Equity

CPD sessions for Multilingual Teachers

Monthly Sessions Running Until December 2023

  • Take the guess work out of your CPD with engaging sessions aimed at multilingual teachers! 
  • Get Out of the Monolingual Framework! Many teaching practices in ELT are still deeply rooted in monolingual frameworks. Explore your own multilingual journey and discover how this benefits an array of language settings that go beyond monolingual classrooms.
  • Watch the recordings as many times as you like, pause and take copious notes and ask any questions during a live Q&A session!