The Non Native Speaker

Empowering Non-Native Speakers around the Globe


Hi there! My name is Meri (AKA The Non Native Speaker).

I manage an Instagram page called the_non_native_speaker, where I share my thoughts on the topic of Native Speakerism.

I used to work as a language teacher and consultant for various renowned companies in Northern Italy.

Currently, I work full-time as an L2 English teacher.

I’m 100% Armenian, and have lived in several places such as Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego, Lecce (South Italy), and Parma (Northern Italy). I’ve been an expat since the age of 6. 

I hold a Cambridge CELTA and a Global DELTA Cambridge Diploma from CLIC International House in Seville, Spain, and a Master’s Degree in Language & Cultural studies. 

I enjoy attending and speaking at ELT conferences and workshops, reading books, and performing live. My mission is to dismantle prejudice and bias in education, specifically when it comes to Non-Native English Speaking Teachers being denied work opportunities across the globe.