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“Without Knowledge, action is useless and knowledge without action is futile”. 

By joining this cause you make the choice of actively promoting change within the ELT industry. 

All members have specific areas of expertise and have something to give back to others. 

Bring your valuable contribution to the table and make yourself known to us. 

We can’t wait to hear your story!

Get a seat at the decision making table, with fired-up members who are ACTION TAKERS, first and foremost!

Live Training Sessions to uncover hot topics for English teachers on mindset, strategy, career advice, bilingualism, multilingualism, language acquisition, pronunciation and much much more.

Recordings of the LIVE talk series with ELT professionals from all walks of life. You get to hear first-hand experiences of teachers around the globe who have faced discrimination, who have shifted their mindset, and who have come to understand why it is so important to speak up about Native Speakerism in English Language Teaching. 

A community of teachers and ELT professionals who are ready to interact, guide, help, inform and spread awareness on the topic of Native Speakerism


FULL ACCESS and Behind The Scenes

We have exclusive virtual meet-ups (not recorded) where we discuss and share our insights to decide the very next steps for NNESTs.

Networking and Support

We know how valuable and vulnerable new projects can be, so you can count on a second opinion from members who are ready to help and inspire; 

We can help with: proposal writing - research papers - summit organisations - networking - getting published.