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for Multilingual Teachers

The pervasive monolingual bias present within many societies threatens the well-being of bilingual or multilingual professionals. Bilingual–monolingual comparisons with methodological approaches upholding monolingual norms are not equitable to most teachers. As non-native speaker teachers, we often search for ways to prove our worth, and often times we do so through trainings and more trainings, certificates on top of certificates. 

These Live Training Sessions will be held every month – from July to December 2023 – to uncover hot topics for English teachers on mindset, strategy, career advice, bilingualism, multilingualism, language acquisition, pronunciation and much much more.

Each session has a special guest who will be conducting the training session to give their expert take on these topics and trends in English Language Teaching to encourage, uplift and inform participants on how to make the most out of theirs skills as non-native teachers and tap into their full potential.

2023 - Past & Upcoming Sessions

Breaking The Chains of

About the Session: In the dynamic world of language teaching, NNESTs often find themselves navigating the challenging terrain of over-compensation, over-justification, over-qualification – the relentless pursuit of proving their worth and expertise beyond measure.

Rhiannon shares about how it is essential to strike a balance between acknowledging the realities of the world we live in and recognising that participation in the “must try harder” mindset is not the only path to success.

About Rhiannon:

With over a decade’s experience of language teaching in various English schools, and having gained her DELTA in 2018, Rhiannon decided to set up her own business in 2020. She has moved away from language teaching and is now a mindset coach, helping her high-level clients overcome the mental and emotional barriers that prevent them from enjoying their English.

Empowering Multilingual Teachers: The Ultimate Phonology Primer

About the Session: The session is designed specifically for educators with a diverse language background, so that it inspires you to master the intricacies of English phonology and effectively guide your students through their language learning journey.

About Dennis:

Dennis Warren has been teaching English for 20 years. He spent many years as academic manager of a prestigious language school in Southern Brazil, but now works as an independent teacher and teacher trainer. Dennis has a background in formal and computational linguistics.

Raising Bilingual Kids No Matter Your Language Background

About the sessionDoes one language interfere with another? How soon or late should be start raising bilingual children and what are some ‘dos and don’ts’ we need to consider? Most importantly, what does some of the modern research say about bilingualism and our ability to learn 2 or more languages at a young age? We will be addressing all these questions in this session with Kaila!

About Kaila:

Kaila Diaz is a sociolinguist (M.A.) who specialises in childhood and family bilingualism. She is the director of Bilingüitos (, an educational platform and online community for parents raising bilingual kids. Kaila also hosts the Bilingual Parenting Podcast.

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