NNEST in 2023 – a Global Overview

NNEST in 2023 – a Global Overview

Live workshop with professionals in the English Language Teaching industry!

Saturday, 21st January 2023 – 10.30 CET Online EVENT

Meet Our Expert Panel!

This workshop is for you if…

  • You are a non native English teacher who has been struggling to find a job because of the bias in the English Language Teaching
  • You have experienced discrimination but still don’t know what to do about it and how to talk to recruiters or language schools
  • You are ready to fully embrace your identity and start sparking conversations on the topic of Native Speakerism, accent bias and ownership of English
  • You have ever wished to dig deeper on the dichotomy between Native and Non Native English teachers
  • You want to spend an hour and a half improving your CPD
  • You would like to know what is expected from you as a Non Native Teacher in terms of Certifications and Qualifications in the EU and globally
  • You are a new teacher and want to be better equipped to walk into the job market and answer any objections related to you or your identity
  • You want to hang out with a group of women who are supportive of each other and have tons of expert advise they are willing to share

What the Workshop will include…

  • An experts panel who will get you up to speed on what is happening globally for Non Native English teachers in less than 2 hours.
  • The answer as to what level of proficiency and experience is expected of Non Native English teachers 
  • Personal stories for extra connection from ELT professionals who have either been discriminated or have themselves had discriminating behaviour towards Non Native candidates (REAL talk)
  • Food for thought on accent discrimination, inclusivity and diversity in language learning and teaching
  • Live Q&A at the end! Bring any of your questions or send me a DM on Instagram @the_non_native_speaker

The Non Native Speaker – Meri


Meri holds a Master’s in Language and Cultural Studies from University of Moena and Reggio and is passionate about discussing and fighting for equal opportunities in ELT, specifically for non-native English speaking teachers.

She currently manages the_nn_native_speaker IG page and writes articles on the topic of Native Speakerism. She has previously worked as a language teacher and consultant for companies such as Parmalat, Adecco, 3M, FERCAM, N1 Logistics and Barilla through private English schools in Emilia Romagna.

Originally from Yerevan (Armenia), she studied in Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego, Lecce (South Italy) and Parma (Northern Italy). She gained a CELTA Cambridge in 2014 and a Global DELTA Cambridge Diploma in 2018, both from CLIC International House in Seville, Spain. She is now based in Parma. She loves books, attending and speaking at ELT conferences and workshops, and performing live.

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