Products & Memberships

CPD 2023
Continuous Professional Development for Multilingual Teachers
Access to Live Events on Zoom
Recordings available after each session
Certificate of Participation and Q&A for attendees joining us Live!
Native Speakerism, Undone
Series of Talks with ELT professionals
Go From Feeling Overwhelmed and Discouraged to Equity Advocate who Brings Awarness and Debunks Myths of Native Speakerism
The only guide you'll need to understand native speakerism inside out!
Actionable tips, strategies, and stories that will empower you to transform your thoughts around English language teachers and teaching
Annual Membership
125 / Year
FULL ACCESS and Behind The Scenes We have exclusive virtual meet-ups (not recorded) where we discuss and share our insights to decide the very next steps for NNESTs.
Front seat at the decision making table and exclusive get togethers with other members
Gain valuable insights to combat Native Speakerism
Professional development to advance your career - included CPD for Multilingual Teachers
Replays from the "Native Speakerism, Undone" series