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Interviews from ‘Native Speakerism, Undone’ series.

Monday, 15th May 2023, 2pm CET

Step into Your Power – Empowering Strategies for Non-Native English Teachers

The amount of discriminatory ads searching for native speaker teachers has played a big part in growing our ‘impostor syndrome’ and it is one of the many factors that has led to many excellent teachers to experience a lack of confidence and self-doubt. Having confidence in your role as a teacher and person is of crucial importance in teaching, especially if you are a non-native English teacher who comes into contact with learners of all ages and nationalities.

The upcoming live event for non-native English teachers aims to provide strategies and tools to build confidence in the classroom. We will cover topics such as overcoming insecurities, maximizing impact, and delivering engaging lessons that start with YOU, the person behind it all!

Walk away with an engaging lesson plan you can use and re-use to tell your personal story and make instant & unforgettable connection with your class.

Get people to listen to you without having to ask permission to speak.

Learn to nurture your support group (yes, you do have one even if you don’t realize it) before you take on your classes and set objectives for those you plan to teach.

Discover about the importance of context and setting. Drive your points through whether with group lessons or one-2-ones. Multimedia is your friend and I’ll show you how to use it to your benefit!

Steal my lesson plan and presentation to use immediately or create your own by the end of the brief yet informative session.

The event is free for members and accessible to the general public at just €20.

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Upcoming Events

Friday, 17th May 2023, 2pm CET

Topic: Tackling Native Speakerism from a Legal Perspective

Guest: Vincent Richard is a qualified teacher with experience in ELT since 2018. He used to work in international logistics and he’s had his application rejected several times by language schools explicitely because he is a Non-Native English Speaking Teacher (NNEST). Vincent is passionate about making the subject of this topic more visible and has taken legal action in order to get compensation for discriminatory practices.

“Discriminatory practices have really had a huge impact on me recently, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level”.

Vincent Richard

Latest Live Events

Saturday, 13th May 2023, 10am CET

Topic: English Teachers Roast Racist Ads

We have had just about enough of discriminatory ads in the ELT field, right? 

Eliza Keyton and I have teamed up for this bonus live event where we will be reacting to actual ads and campaigns for teacher recruitment and requirements found in job searches for English language teachers, worldwide! 

Guest: Eliza is an Educational Consultant with nearly 15 years experience in teaching, management and staff development. She also runs EliKutty, a platform for learning Malayalam, a Dravidian language from Kerala. 

Sunday, 7th May 2023, 12pm CET

Topic: The Privilege of Sounding Native (?)

Guest: Jen Diaz Green has been involved in ELT education for over 20 years in both Argentina and Ireland. She has a Degree in English Language Teaching from Argentina and a Master’s Degree in Education from Trinity College Dublin.

She’s been an EFL teacher, academic manager and teacher trainer. Her experience is mainly in ELT human resources, CPD, syllabus and material development and compliance. She’s recently been promoted to School Director at ISI Dublin so she’s experiencing the operations side of the ELT business.

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The series of talks are conducted as mini interviews with professionals in the ELT industry with the attempt of bringing solutions to NNEST (Non Native English Speaking Teachers) who are experiencing prejudice in their careers, are paid less than their NS (Native Speaker) peers, or simply need help with finding the right words to fight objections such as: 

“but you’re not a native speaker”;

“we’re looking for a different nationality/passport”;

“our students/customers expect a mother tongue teacher to teach them English/English Culture at this language school”.

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Hi there!

You might know me from the Instagram page called the_non_native_speaker, where I share my thoughts on the topic of Native Speakerism.

My name is Meri, and I hold a Master’s degree in Language and Cultural Studies from the University of Modena and Reggio, Italy. I also hold a Cambridge CELTA and a Global DELTA Cambridge Diploma from CLIC International House in Seville, Spain.

I am deeply passionate about advocating for equal opportunities in English Language Teaching (ELT), specifically for non-native English speaking teachers.

I used to work as a language teacher and consultant for various renowned companies such as Parmalat, Adecco, 3M, FERCAM, N1 Logistics, and Barilla through private English schools in Emilia Romagna, while currently I work full-time at an International School as an L2 English teacher.

Originally from Yerevan, Armenia, I have lived in several places such as Moscow, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, San Diego, Lecce (South Italy), and Parma (Northern Italy).

I enjoy attending and speaking at ELT conferences and workshops, reading books, and performing live. I have presented at ELT Ireland, EAQUALS and IATEFL in 2022 on the topic of Native Speakerism.

My mission is to dismantle prejudice and bias in education, specifically when it comes to NNESTs being denied work opportunities across the globe. Let’s join forces!