The Non Native Speaker

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Meri Maroutian is a Delta qualified teacher based in Parma, Italy. Born in Armenia in 1986, she has lived and studied mostly in Malaysia, America and Italy, where she has become increasingly aware of the social injustices reserved for those who are forever perceived as foreigners or “non-native” speakers of any given language.


Meri holds a Master’s in Language and Cultural Studies from University of Modena and Reggio and is passionate about discussing and fighting for equal opportunities in ELT, specifically for non-native English speaking teachers.

She currently manages the_non_native_speaker IG page and writes articles on the topic of Native Speakerism. She has previously worked as a language teacher and consultant for companies such as Parmalat, Adecco, 3M, FERCAM, N1 Logistics and Barilla through private English schools in Emilia Romagna.

Originally from Yerevan (Armenia), she studied in Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego, Lecce (South Italy) and Parma (Northern Italy). She gained a CELTA Cambridge in 2014 and a Global DELTA Cambridge Diploma in 2018, both from CLIC International House in Seville, Spain. She is now based in Parma. She loves books, attending ELT conferences and workshops, and performing live.

Areas of Expertise

Company courses, Exam classes, IELTS Exam prep, Business English, One to One, Teaching Adults


Communicative approach, Lexical Approach, Task Based Learning, Dogme, (personalised to students’ needs).